Following 5 Topics & 5 Blogs

Blogging 101: Assignment #3
Begin following five topics and five blogs.

5 Topics that interest me…
Charcuterie (and other good food)
Kids Fashion
Modern & Sustainable Design

5 New Blogs – exciting!
Adventurous Glutton
Beyond Moda
Helen’s Journal
Modular 4
Small House Bliss

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Favorite Fall Frocks for Girls

Girls Fall Dresses1. Zara Dress, Pink Chicken $70  |  2. Dress in Liberty Tiny Poppytot, J.Crew $180  |  3. Navy Check Dress, Burberry $179  |  4. Stuttgart Flannel Dress, Tea Collection $45  |  5. Party Dress (turquoise polka dot), Dagmar Daley $76  |  6. Charlotte Dress, Bella Bliss $58  |  7. Pug Dress, Mini Rodini $75  |  8. Bubble Dress (red abstract pedal), Dagmar Daley $68  |  9. Stripe Dress, Mini Rodini $75

I sometimes feel the beginning of fall is like the first act to a much-anticipated holiday performance. While our schedules are still reasonably sane, seasonal gatherings and events begin to fill up the calendar. In many homes, this time year means children need new outfits for such occasions. Whether looking for a dress for an after-school playdate, Sunday matinee, or dinner party, this season’s inspiration comes from vintage and contemporary textures and prints. Think modern corduroy, art-inspired patterns, as well as classic plaids. Styles that girls can easily transform from daytime to evening, with a quick change of sneakers to ballet flats, are a plus. Lavish floral print dresses are abundant and add a bit of charm and texture to a look. And speaking of charm, we love Mini Rodini’s stripe dress with its blooming ruffle collar, a must for this season. Finally, I’m thrilled that Pantone’s fall fashion color report put bold blues into the autumn mix. Welcome fall!

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Kids Looks with April Showers, Splendid, J.Crew

I call this look “waffle wishes & denim dreams”, my favorite pieces are the corduroy skirt and waffle-knit top.

Kids Looks with Splendid, J.Crew, April Showerssweater | bag | jacket | shoes | skirt

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Limited-Edition Designs for No Kid Hungry

no-kid-hungry-spatulasThese fun and playful designs, by some of my favorite chefs, are now on sale now at Williams-Sonoma. Each spatula purchase will benefit No Kid Hungry, an organization focused on giving children a healthy meal everyday. Now pick one favorite (or more) and get it today. No Kid Hungry will receive an additional $5000 on behalf of the chef design that sells out first. I’m in for three designs – April Bloomfield, Suzanne Goin, and Tyler Florence – because they are so cool and make good stocking stuffers.

What’s your top spatula pick?

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Simply Adorkable

A new fashion term has emerged, adorkable (that’s adorable + dorky), and it’s a favorite at tada! shop. To get the look, think of a curated clashing of colors, rich textures, and unconventional prints. Think of mixing styles from Bobo Choses, Molo, and Pink Chicken with pieces from your child’s closet. And, keep a keen eye on trendsetters Susie Bubble, Tavi Gevinson, and Zooey Deschanel in the “New Girl” for the best indie-kid and geek-girl looks. Here are a few adorkable looks for kids that we love.

kids-styles-adorkable-checkssweater | skirt | tights | shoes

kids-looks-lame-in-the-raindress | shirt | umbrella | wellies | leggings

kids-looks-gi-janebaseball cap | jean jacket | shoes | pant | sweater

Do you have a favorite adorkable look?

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Kate Moss & the Super Heroes

little-eleven-paris-teesThese Life is a Joke Mustache tees are so entertaining. Created by Little Eleven Paris, these styles are fun, trendy, and easy to wear. They don’t come adult sizes, but your little one can certainly carry it off. I just can’t stop giggling. Join the fun here.

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Remembering Robin Williams 1951-2014

O’Captain My Captain

Image: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

Image: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

If have a chance, please listen to Robin Williams with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. His energy will make you laugh and his earnest life stories will probably make you cry.

Not too long ago, I was in line at a local eatery. Only after hearing a few whispers and seeing several people staring my way, did I notice that Mr. Williams was directly in front of me. Recalling all the recent negative press on him battling substance abuse, etc., I put my hand on his shoulder and asked how he was doing. He looked at me with a gentle smile and said, “Okay… I’m doing okay.” I smiled back.

I never met Mr. Williams until that day. Although, he was the source so much joy and laughter when I was growing up, first with Mork & Mindy, then later with Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire (my kids favorite), Good Will Hunting (my husband’s favorite), Dead Poets Society (my favorite), and so many more. He was a brilliant actor with a warm smile and contagious giddiness. We will all miss him so very much.

2006 Interview with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross:
Robin Williams: In Looking For Laughs, ‘You Have To Be Deeply Honest’

Also on
What Robin Williams Taught Us About Teaching

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