Something New

New blog , new sofa! Around the same time I moved my blog to WordPress, we took delivery of our new sofa. Inspired by the classic Chesterfield, we welcomed a nicely weathered sofa from Restoration Hardware.  We so love the piece and decided to give it a proper welcome by inviting friends over for some cocktails and snacks.

I called it a BYOR party (bring your own recipe). Guests sent recipes of an old favorite or something new to try, and we supplied ingredients. The evening’s bar menu included The Libertine, Old Sydney Town Punch, and the Hemingway Daiquiri. My husband had a lot of fun mixing drinks in our ad hoc bar and, after a few spills and giggles, each drink was served. After a few sips, I had my favorite. For warm weather, I loved the Libertine with its refreshing mix of Elderflower, vodka, Green Chartreuse, and lime. Another nice one for summer, was the Hemingway Daiquiri with its grapefruit and rum flavors.

The punch was a pleasant (and delicious!) surprise. It had more of a fall and winter flavor, but I definitely enjoyed it now. This would be the perfect replacement for mulled wine, since it can be served warm and was wonderfully scented from the aromatic St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram (honestly smelled like Christmas!). The Allspice Dram would make such a perfect holiday candle scent, I threatened to email the idea to Martha.

Ad hoc bar

Along with cured meats, duck rillettes, and blue cheese biscuits, I highly recommend serving Chicharonnes from Fatted Calf. It’s one of those so-bad-that-it’s-so-good foods. The spicy pieces melt in your mouth, the perfect accompaniment to cocktails. Until next time, cheers!



About Lizelle Green

Hello, my name is Lizelle Green and I’m a creative curator of things relating to food, design, style, paper, and photography for moms. My home, and inspiration, is warmed by two exuberant children, a thoughtful husband, and affectionate dog. I do hope you come by often! { All images are by Lizelle Green unless otherwise noted. }
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7 Responses to Something New

  1. Chris Omark says:

    I love your couch choice. Can you give us some more detail on leather type, color, size, etc?? I am thinking about bringing into my home, too.

  2. Editor says:

    Is your sofa in Ebony Vintage, how deep? Do you still love it? Did you choose down? LOVE your post:)

  3. Elle says:

    A beautiful room for gathering. I am Interested in the sofa, it was mentioned it was antiqued ebony, and then that it was vintage cigar. I had thought it was vintage ebony but it looks like there is some brown in the sofa, could you tell me if its the vintage ebony or the antiqued ebony? Also love the rug that is slightly shown, compliments the couch and feel of the room perfectly, do you have any information on where that rug or one similar could be purchased? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Elle, thanks for your message! The Kensington sofa, from Restoration Hardware, is vintage cigar. And if I think you can ask to have the leather more distressed. The rug is a Basha Gul but do not remember where we got it. I’m sure most Oriental carpet places have a selection. Good luck! Post a picture, would love to see what you find.

      • Elle says:

        Hi Lizelle, thank you for your reply. I am in love with this sofa. It is interesting the various shades the vintage cigar can take on with the lighting and the normal variations in leather, I had thought yours was the ebony. I am about to order and am so excited, still haven’t found the rug but will keep searching lol. Did you get the standard/classic depth sofa or is yours the lux? That is the last thing I need to figure out, which depth to get and then I will be all set. Do you find this sofa comfortable? Is it holding up well for you?
        Thank you again, Elle

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