Miniature Maleficent

DIY Christmas Tree OrnamentsPhotos: DisneyEvery year we visit the same school tree lot, walk down pine-scented aisles, and get a gorgeous deep green douglas fir that is always just a couple of inches too tall for our living room. We love big trees. This year, we’ve mixed it up and added a petite purplelicious beauty, just 4’, to our tree-love mix thanks to Treetopia. Professionally strung with bright clear lights, the tree looks lovely right out of the box, but who’s not going to decorate a purple tree? While we had no shortage of themes (royals, disco, Marrakech), a recent family viewing of the new Maleficent movie (which we absolutely loved) provided the final design idea. Most of my inspiration came from the richly textured woodland forest scenes where the young Maleficent was introduced, think feathers, wood and greenery. After finding the right home for the tree in the playroom, I went craft shopping.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I used paper mache ornaments and covered each with pheasant feathers. Start by brushing glue on a small section of the sphere. Lay feathers down and make sure they are going in the same direction with a little overlap. Once the ornament is completely covered, press feathers down for a few seconds. You may need to add tiny feather pieces to cover small holes. Slip a jingle bell down the string and hang to dry.

DIY Christmas Tree OrnamentsWhile waiting for the school bus, our children collected twigs that would form the star or tree topper. For the garland, I used hemp rope and these wooden beads that reminded me of the young Maleficent’s necklace.

Purple Christmas Tree from Treetopia

Purple Christmas Tree from TreetopiaThe kids and I enjoyed some serious ornament-making and beading for the Maleficent tree. Next year, one miniature tree for each of the bedrooms is on their wish list. My daughter has her eyes on purple (because it matches her room of course) and my son is thinking of a red or black tree as tribute to his favorite football team. (repost from tada! shop)

How would you decorate a colorful tree?


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Hello, my name is Lizelle Green and I’m a creative curator of things relating to food, design, style, paper, and photography for moms. My home, and inspiration, is warmed by two exuberant children, a thoughtful husband, and affectionate dog. I do hope you come by often! { All images are by Lizelle Green unless otherwise noted. }
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