San Francisco Pop-Up Experience

I used to think pop-ups were just for food. Well not anymore. The Color Factory, launched in August, has shown my daughter and I that it’s about creating a complete package of sensory experiences. Created by Leah Rosenberg of Oh Happy Day with design by Erin Jang, it’s a sensory sensation that has locals all abuzz. If you ask her, “It’s like being in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but more color!” The pop-up is a must-see if you love color, surprises and just being a kid. Imagine dozens of hanging disco balls, oversized Lite-Brite pegs, a room flooded with balloons, a blizzard of confetti and the best ball pit EVER all in one building. Get on the mailing list because although September tickets are sold out, they may add another month. Who knows?

8 Things You Should Do:
1. Get your scan card and don’t lose it! You’ll need it for those frame-worthy pictures. Plus, it’s a cool souvenir.

2. Take your time. From stairs and hallways to installations, each space is full of surprises that will make you oooh and aah. Don’t miss the scratch and sniff at the entrance.

3. You’ll want to Instagram everything but the Color Factory has strategically placed cameras in the various rooms so you can take the best selfie possible. Images are emailed to you directly. So strike a pose!

4. Use the bathrooms. The red one is a hoot!

5. Take off any outerwear before heading into the confetti room. It will be much easier when you exit. Believe me.

6. When posting on Instagram, use the hashtag #selfie and your image will be printed in Tom Stayte’s Selfie installation.

7. Leave a little room in your tummy for local sweets from Sift and Garden Creamery. One per customer please.

8. “Imagine you’re swimming in a big bowl of lemons.” Our favorite yellow ball pit is at the very end, so pace yourself. And it’s deeper than you think.

We all scream for ice cream!
Looking for the next best pop-up in San Francisco? The Museum of Ice Cream opens next month and tickets go on sale today at 9:00am here. Hurry, space is limited!


About Lizelle Green

Hello, my name is Lizelle Green and I’m a creative curator of things relating to food, design, style, paper, and photography for moms. My home, and inspiration, is warmed by two exuberant children, a thoughtful husband, and affectionate dog. I do hope you come by often! { All images are by Lizelle Green unless otherwise noted. }
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